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Trafalgar House Pension Guide

Everything you need to know about your online account, pension benefits and scam protection

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Who are Trafalgar House?

If you are a member of a work pension scheme administered by Trafalgar House, you can access a range of services and information online. In this page, you will find three video guides that will help you register, manage and transfer your work pension with ease and security.


  • The first video will show you how to register for your online account using your personal details and membership reference. You will also learn how to choose a strong password, enter your email address correctly, and activate your account using a temporary password.

3 Tips

  • The second video will share with you the top three tips to make registering for your work pension easy. You will avoid common mistakes and save time when setting up your online account. You will also find out how to get more help on registering by visiting the FAQs page on the My Work Pension homepage.


  • The third video will tell you how to protect yourself from pension scams when transferring your pension to another scheme or arrangement. You will learn about the new powers and responsibilities of scheme trustees to safeguard your pension savings. You will also discover what types of schemes are considered safe, what conditions need to be met for a transfer to be accepted, what information and evidence you may need to provide, and what warning signs or flags to look out for.

By watching these videos, you will be better informed and prepared to make the most of your work pension with Trafalgar House.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is written by GGRY Design and does not reflect the views or opinions of the client of the video. Please verify the accuracy and validity of the information with the client before making any decisions based on it.


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