At Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions, we work with businesses that want to improve their carbon footprint and save money by investing in office furniture reuse. We offer a range of services, from selling high-quality refurbished office furniture, to repairing and resizing your existing furniture, to clearing your office space with zero-landfill guarantee. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and we are committed to ending single-life office furniture waste.

Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions

How We Help You Reduce Your Environmental Impact and Procurement Costs by Reusing and Recycling Office Furniture

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How We Assist in Reducing Your Environmental Impact and Procurement Costs through Office Furniture Reuse and Recycling

Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions partners with businesses aiming to enhance their carbon footprint and cut costs by embracing office furniture reuse. Our array of services encompasses selling top-notch refurbished office furniture, reviving and resizing your current furniture, and clearing your office space with a zero-landfill guarantee. With over 30 years of industry expertise, we are dedicated to eradicating single-life office furniture waste.

Why Opt for Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions?

First and foremost, we offer premium refurbished office furniture from our inventory, featuring renowned industry brands, complemented by re-issued lifetime warranties. Tailor your selection from an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes, catering to your specific requirements and preferences. Plus, enjoy savings of up to 70% compared to purchasing new furniture.

Furthermore, we conduct on-site repairs and resizing for your existing furniture, breathing new life into it. Our services extend to reupholstering and maintaining your office seating, along with resizing your desks to optimize workspace efficiency. Additionally, we furnish you with matching accessories like storage units, screens, and pedestals.

Moreover, we guarantee a zero-landfill clearance of your office space, ensuring that none of your unwanted furniture contributes to landfill waste. Take advantage of rebates for quality used office furniture, effectively offsetting clearance expenses. Furthermore, any furniture unfit for resale is donated to our charity network, while items unsuitable for reuse are recycled by breaking them down into their raw material components.

Lastly, experience a hassle-free, personalized service journey from initial consultation through final delivery and installation. We manage all aspects for you, from site surveys and logistics to paperwork handling. Moreover, we furnish you with comprehensive reports detailing the environmental and financial advantages of selecting our sustainable office solutions.

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